Wednesday, April 22, 2015

“We are helping to keep Mother Earth neat and clean”

It is important to mark Earth Day in a way that takes form in the developmental stage of all children who still feel at one with all the elements. Children feel at one with all of nature. 

Listening to a Lakota Story of Mother Earth

Children completely sense nature with all the twelve senses.

Cleaning around their school area

Appreciation and groundwork is laid in the youngest years by just being outside and taking it all in.  Allowing them to be a part of nature and showing them the importance of keeping nature clean. 

Helping each other 

When you model recycling, reducing spending, and reusing things, your child will follow you. This affords the small child a positive way to help keep Mother Earth clean. 

Enjoying this Beautiful Earth day with lunch on the deck.  

Celebrations in Waldorf for small children are about the doing, not so much the words. We had a wonderful time this Earth Day by doing, creating, and being.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time for Planting

Gardening  has been a part of the Waldorf School curriculum since the very first Waldorf School in 1923.  This week the children began planting for their school garden. 

First Grade mixing and watering the mulch
Gardening allows the students to develop a deeper appreciation for and awareness of the human being’s relationship to the natural world.

Harlee, Teacher Joyce, Kaia planting seeds

By caring for the garden, experiencing the growth of plants, and harvesting what they give us, the students develop a deeper consciousness and appreciation for the earth.

Gardening allows students to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding for and awareness of the human being’s relationship to the natural world.

By caring for the garden, experiencing the growth of plants, and harvesting what they give us, the students develop a deeper consciousness and appreciation for the earth.

Each year when Easter comes, It is a very special festival for Waldorf Schools. As Easter approaches, the flowers spring up from the ground.  A beautiful time when natures language begins to speak to us.  

The green reminds us of hope in life and what we wish to have from life.  The color of Hope, wishing, and Joy.  

A school of life is what a Waldorf School intends to be.  The fact that life is now beginning to unfold outside makes Easter a festival that has a great impact on the school, on the children, on the teachers, and especially on the parents.  

Easter also marks the time when school is nearing an end.  The teachers, prepare to send the students off on their break after building a wonderful relationship throughout the school year.  

~A lecture from Rudopf Steiner March 27th 1924~  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Daily Chores in Lakota Waldorf School

At Lakota Waldorf School, the children are involved in a number of daily chores as well as their activities.  It would surprise you to know that the chores are a part of their daily curriculum.

 Lunch time is one big activity in itself.  The children do the vegetable cutting, the wiping of tables, cleaning of floor, folding of laundry, and other various chores within their classroom.  

The children are involved in setting the tables.

First Grader Dustie set's the table for lunch

The Children are involved in the washing of their own dishes 

Kindergarten & First Grade 

An outside chore, cleaning the chicken coup, is one of the first grade favorites.

First Grade Students Cleaning the Chicken Coup

Chores create a respect for things in the child’s physical environment. The children learn to be good caretakers of the things they are responsible for. This sense of respect for the physical world remains in a Waldorf education throughout the grades.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Meals and Snack at the Lakota Waldorf School

One of the wonderful things that the Lakota Waldorf School prides themselves in is their dedication to feeding the students healthy organic meals.  That also includes an afternoon snack. 

Pictured here is one of our cooks Mr. Sundown Montileaux as he prepares the afternoon snack for the students of Lakota Waldorf School.  Preparation of each meals is well done.


All meals are organic, prepared and cooked fresh, no processed food and no candy.  

The children are also involved in the food preparation. The children make their own bread every Wednesday, and pizza on Fridays.

Bread Making

Vegetable Cutting

There are vegetables, fruits, buffalo meat bought from the tribes buffalo herd, oatmeal and cornmeal for breakfast,sweetened with honey and not with sugar. The cooks at LWS work very hard, all day long,  for the children's health and well-being.

Alexandra Hunter (Cook)

Wopila Tanka to our cooks who are dedicated to preparing the wonderful fresh organic meals for our students.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015


First Grade  

When our first grade students arrive to their classroom in the morning, they begin their day with their morning verse which is in the Lakota Language. 
 They then move onto their Main lesson which is usually a single subject that they can focus on for 2 weeks to 4 weeks at a time. The first main lesson is painting or drawing where they learn to handle crayons, paint brushes, paints as this handwork, reading, and writing, are all better taught by involving color and design. 
This image is of one child discovering the alphabets

In Waldorf Education, the teacher meets the specific needs of the class as a whole as well as the individual student.


Here at the Lakota Waldorf School, we have indoor and outdoor free play.  The children in these natural environments are given a wonderful opportunity to transform their experiences and make them their own.  

In Waldorf early childhood education,  outdoor free play is an essential component of their curriculum. Here we share images of some of their outside activities. 

The weather changes suddenly here in the Dakotas. One day the children enjoy a nice cool day jump roping and the next they are busy sledding or shoveling snow.  

Activities such as these, give children the opportunity to enhance and utilize their imaginations, critical thinking skills, gross motor skills and sensory integration skills. There is so much that the children love about their outside play experience.  The school here is surrounded by a large area of an open landscape, so when they get to just explore nature and be free, it gives them a wonderful experience 

Wopila Ikiniciyapi! Tanyan yahi ksto!

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